Our Philosophy

Incorporating “Teach A Man To Fish” concept, an innovator who promoted M/s. E- SOLUTION POINT in 2001 and later M/s. E-KIDS SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED in Chennai in 2010, with more than 21 years of experience in educational research, content development, deployment, implementation, consultation and marketing strategies came out with an innovative, cost effective, goal oriented, computer based, psychological spoken English and mathematical skill for village school children. These are the skills which are bit difficult to be adopted. The primary objective of the project is bridging the gap between rural and urban school childrenDr. B. Fredy Fernando made them easy by packing the process of learning with adventure and fun, thereby making it interesting for the kids to adopt; easy for the teachers to teach and make sure the objective is met by assessing the students professionally by introducing an unique concept of “Train the Trainer; Test The Learner”.