Computing Skill Development

The concept of COMPUTING SKILL DEVELOPMENT is to use computer education to build a computer literate by creating Techno Students, Techno Teachers and a Techno Society. Like any other subjects like English, Mathematics & Science etc., we have created class appropriate with natural progressive curriculum in Computer Science. In addition to that, the curriculum will cope with any technological advancement in the ICT field today, which fully leverages the benefits of Information & Communication Technology.

ICT Application Skill

Academic Blends With Technology

Today students are learning computer science as a separate subject and there will be no connectivity between computer science and other subject as well as real life situation. We encourage students to use computer science as a productive tool to understand their subject very effectively by doing various projects align with the subject matters what they are studying at school level and also they can apply into the day to day real life situation.

The E-Kids Explorer –Nursery & Lower Primary course is as captivating as it is educative which brings children and computers together. It will teach and update students’ knowledge with various computer technologies across all age groups through a series of projects, packed with adventure and fun. Academics blends with Technology with innovative real time projects.


ICT Project Management Skill

Project management and the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) industry go together like jam and toast.

Fostering a culture in which improvement becomes an inherent, continuous process can pay off quickly as this mindset not only can help raise individual project and programme performance, but can also contribute to the overall bottom line. Essential best practices can enhance students’ approach to ensure more success throughout the entire project lifecycle.

This programme provides the participant with both fundamental and advanced understanding of the project management function and assists them in adopting an appropriate project management perspective with regard to the management of projects within their limit.

Programming for Children

Kids love computers. They also like to create, and to have some control over the world around them. The computer will do whatever it is told. It may not seem that way at times, but it is true.


Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought. Lateral thinking is the art of looking at things sideways, and not choosing the obvious answer. When we think laterally, we look a little bit deeper into things.

It can be quite challenging to think laterally, as we have always been taught to think vertically, this is expected of us, the norm, and often thought as the right way to think. We believe both lateral and vertical thinking help in varied situations. Vertical thinking is our day-to-day logic. When considering vertical thinking to be ‘what we believe to be correct’, it made me wonder, how are we supposed to evolve without lateral thinking?

Lateral thinking makes new ideas possible. Sometimes, one way of doing this is to take two random, unrelated ideas, and put them together to create something new. Lateral thinking leads us away from the rules and structure we normally encounter; this can be a mental block on our creativity. “Breaking the rules won’t necessarily lead to creative ideas, but its one avenue. And staying on the same road may eventually lead to a dead end” . If we always think vertically, and are not prepared to try a new thinking process, our thoughts will never be generative.


A talent search program through specialized camp program using computers. Students under different age group make their own movies.