Arithmetic Skill Development

Mathematical Skill

Innovation in Mathematical Skill Development

The current scenario of teaching mathematics in school level focus is on a progressive manner; however they do not have the in-built flexibility for slow, medium and fast learners. The main reasons are: Lack of time, Difference on students’ understanding capabilities, Lack of time for teachers to teach the mathematics fundamentals and Lack of individual student attention.

For some people, some food causes allergy. Similarly, for some students, mathematics seems to be an allergy. To get relief from such allergic conditions and at the same time to create a condition wherein students begin to evince interest in doing problems in mathematics, E-Kids has developed E-KIDS MATHS LAB with the help of Montessori Creed to make sure the students to understand the mathematics concepts thoroughly and practice more on their own pace.


The E-Kids Maths Lab program develops students’ skill on fundamental mathematics with the help of Montessori approach using computers. Students are not only getting the answer right but also know how the answer evolves. Make Mathematics to your students’ as favourite subject and make them to understand the fundamental thoroughly with help of Digital Montessori creed.


Innovation in Mathematical Skill Development for improving Arithmetic Aptitude

In most of the competitive examinations conducted by IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management) , other engineering and management course entrance examinations, the ability of candidate familiarity with numbers and fundamentals is tested against time. It has been observed that most of the students who are selected for these prestigious competitions have very keen understanding of number, which traditionally comes after a lot of practice and memorizing tables, squares, cubes of numbers up to two or three digits. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task, a student who is weak in mathematics is either ill prepared in this subject or his/her other subjects get ignored.

Schools do not have time to concentrate on introducing new techniques to overcome this issue. Some schools have introduced Chinese Abacus method but it is time consuming and not aligns with our traditional Indian Mathematics.

Most of the Indian adults are experiencing and practicing BRAINY ARITHMETIC. But they have failed to transform to this younger generation.


E-KIDS BRAINY ARITHMETIC OR MANAKANAKKU for school students makes Mathematics more easy and enjoyable. Our Method will enable the students to cross check the answers and score high marks. It does not conflict with existing Method. Our approach is simple, easy, practical, logical, consistent, precise and stimulating.


Innovative Remedial Solution to Slow Learners or Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a brain-based condition that makes it hard to make sense of numbers and math concepts. Some kids with dyscalculia can’t grasp basic number concepts. They work hard to learn and memorize basic number facts. They may know what to do in math class but don’t understand why they’re doing it. In other words, they miss the logic behind it.


E-Kids has developed E-KIDS REMEDIAL MATHS (ERM) which focus on fundamental concepts using computer graphics and animation with challenging tests. These lessons are called digital lessons. In built E-Test / Quiz program is part of the digital lessons. Montessori concepts have been incorporated along with ICT.