E-Kids International Play School

Where education care, and play go hand in hand

It is a systematic and effective programme to train from an early age and is a year long learning that lays the foundation for schooling. Each day is a whole new world of fun and excitement with colours and fun materials to play with. What’s real fun are the play sessions at E-KIPS.

E-KIPS use hands on interactive learning methods. Visual and teaching aids are also used to enhance the learning process. Parent’s involvement in a child’s progress is encouraged and fostered through regular meetings. Detail progress reports are provided at the end of each month and discussed with the parents.

E-Kids Curriculum on Pre Schooling
  • Structured Curriculum
  • Fun filled & Captivating
  • Scoped & Sequenced
  • Computer based & Easy to use
  • Listening & Spoken skill improvement
  • Distinguish Letters from Objects and Words
  • Speak while writing Lower & Upper case Letters and Number
  • Traditional Rhymes with Activities
  • Non Traditional Rhymes with Activities
  • All Rhymes with International accent
  • Innovative New Rhymes with action
  • Traditional and Non Traditional Stories with Activities
  • Modules on Arts, Language, Science, Mathematics and Value Education
  • Cognitive & Fine motor skill development
E-Kids Curriculum on Montessori
  • Traditional Montessori Approach
  • Innovation in Montessori, exclusive research done by E-KIDS.
  • Digitized Montessori
E-Kids Curriculum on Activities, Games & Initiatives
  • Team building activities & exercises
  • Icebreakers, warm-ups, & energizers
  • Group games for fun
  • Ideas for camp activities & games
  • Name games & get to know each other
  • Trust-building activities
  • Psychological self-awareness exercises
  • Environmental education games
  • Physical activities for groups
  • Multicultural, cross-cultural & intercultural
  • Peace education experiential activities
  • Indigenous games & activities
  • Ropes Courses (Rope Challenge Courses)
E-Kids Curriculum on Physical Education
  • Balancing
  • Body and Space Awareness
  • Body Awareness
  • Chasing, Fleeing & Dodging
  • Co operative Learning
  • Integration
  • Jumping & Landing
  • Kicking and Punting
  • Pathways & Directions
  • Rhymes & Dances
  • Space Awareness
  • Striking with Implements
  • Throwing & Catching
  • Transferring Weights ( Gymnastics )
  • Travelling & Locomotors skills