E-Kids Brainy Arithmetic

In most of the competitive examinations conducted by IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management), other engineering and management course entrance examinations, the ability of candidate with familiarity with numbers and fundamentals is tested against time. It has been observed that most of the students who are selected for these prestigious competitions have very keen understanding of number, which traditionally comes after a lot of practice and memorizing tables, squares, cubes of numbers up to two or three digits.

This is a very tedious and time-consuming task, a student who is weak in mathematics is either ill prepared in this subject or his/her other subjects get ignored.

E-KIDS BRAINY ARITHMETIC OR MANAKANAKKU for school students makes Mathematics more easy and enjoyable. Our Method will enable the students to crosscheck the answers and score high marks. It does not conflict with existing Method. Our approach is simple, easy, practical, logical,consistent, precise and stimulating.
Our Speed and Logic Mathematics Techniques will create interest towards Mathematics apart from teaching the speedy calculation techniques. It helps students to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times faster. And also helps to Intelligently contrive the answers (Knowing the answer without actually solving the problem). Suitable and available for 10 years old & above aged students.


  1. To Get rid of Calculator or Abacus
  2. Creating Interest towards Maths
  3. Fun in Mathematics
  4. Understanding the thorough knowledge on Fundamental Maths
  5. Developing Problem solving skills
  6. Understanding the different approach / techniques to solve mathematical problems
  7. Creating and Experiencing Mathematics Puzzles
  8. Continue updating on what is happening in the Maths world around the globe.
  9. Providing more practical to excel