E-Kids Spelling Bee Solutions

Many spelling bee programs challenge students in spelling from the set of given vocabulary but E-Kids International provides intensive educational therapy with innovative spelling solutions.

“Do you want your child to learn and improve their spelling instead of just memorizing them without any techniques?”

Current Scenario

Most of the students are using memory techniques to improve spelling.

Most spelling mistakes can be categorised into five common kinds. These mistakes are usually:

  • Getting letters in the wrong order
  • Missing out bits or adding bits
  • Mixing up sounds and/or homophones
  • Not knowing the spelling rule

Spelling words as they sound

Analysing spelling errors

It is important to work on a few spelling errors only in each session. Try and find words that show a recurring spelling mistake.

Our Innovation

Many spelling bee programs challenge students in spelling but at E-Kids, we provide intensive educational therapy for K-12 students struggling in reading, spelling and writing, our innovative individualized instruction is highly specialized and uses a diagnostic approach to identify academic weaknesses, allowing us to target them in an intensive manner.

  • Targets the most frequently misspelled words
  • Focuses on specific sources of spelling errors
  • Builds writing and vocabulary skills
  • Makes every student a better speller

Our curriculum implementation Level

  1. Junior Level
  2. Novice Level
  3. Intermediate Level
  4. Advance Level
  5. Champion Level
  6. Grandmaster Level